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What Summit Associates stand for?

The main objective of Summit Associates is to:
  • Increase the efficiency and improve the performance of all processing and service equipment
  • Increase the overall productivity of the entire plant by achieving coordinated and continuous operation of all plant equipment
  • Increase the certainty of meeting daily production schedules
  • Reduce unscheduled down time
  • Extend the useful life of all plant equipment
  • Minimize property and personnel hazards.

Backed by years of experience, know-how and technological expertise, Summit Associates develops and supplies world-class precision engineering that allows the dairy and related industries to meet product demand, while controlling costs, improving efficiency and protecting the environment

How we help clients

Summit Associates has developed trust in its clients by providing excellent technical services and not compromising on technical standards. Getting our assistance is super easy through 3 steps.


Our team will visit your site for inspection.

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Maintenance must begin with the purchase of the right type of equipment for any specific job. The machine must always do the job of its right capacity for high durability. If a machine that is of low capacity is consistently being called upon to do.

Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance of Dairy & Juice Plants.Supplier of all kind of parts, machinery & raw material for industrial use.

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